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Bread and Butter Property Deals

Our clients love ‘bread and butter’ property deals. I am picking if you are interested in property investing then you will as well. We call these property deals, bread and butter deals, as they are easy to do and you can make good money on them over a 6-9 week period. Watch my short video on these […]

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Interest Rate Rises Will Hurt Homeowners

Rising interest rates is one on of the biggest worries of homeowners.  Even some changes in the interest rate can have a big impact on disposable income levels. Currently the average household disposable (after tax) income going towards home loan repayments is approx. 37 percent. Economists amongst others are predicting this will rise steeply for […]

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Property Investing War Stories Webinar – 29 April

Steve here from PropertyTutors with something I’d like to share with you. It was back in 2007 when I got involved in a one trick pony property investing development that almost took me out financially. I can tell you it hurt… BAD. I almost lost everything simply because of 3 serious errors I made when investing in this property development deal.

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Budget May Offer Olive Branch To Developers

We know we can rely on two things – Change and Taxes.  Mr Bill English has hinted at a change he’d like to see to the current property size regulations and there’s no doubt it will dearly be welcomed by property developers. The news item on NZHerald gives a good report on what the change […]

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Seminars Do You Attend All Of Them?

Property Seminars are generally more prevalent in positive economic times.  You could attend all of them but why would you? Property Investment Seminar is a popular title.  However not all seminars are the same and when you know the ‘motive’ of the business hosting the event you’ll be able to gauge the appropriateness of the […]

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Property or Share Market?

The NZ Share Market has been doing well for the past couple of years according to an article on NZHerald – in fact it mentioned it’s up 112 percent since 3 March 2009. New Zealand’s ‘rockstar’ economy suggests we may have another couple of years of share market gains to come too – from balanced […]

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Landlords how secure are your properties?

It’s great to hear the news that crime in New Zealand is at a 29 year low. Home theft however is still very high particularly in Auckland compared to other regions around the country according to a news item on NZHerald. Often it’s forgetfulness, when a window or two are left open or a door […]

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