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We help you begin building your investment property portfolio.

PropertyTutors is New Zealand’s leading real estate and property investment education and mentoring company.  Our property investment courses and seminars are helping thousands of people successfully invest in property.

Based in Auckland the PropertyTutors team are passionate about helping you achieve financial freedom.  Our innovative systems and years of industry experience will give you the advantage, regardless of where you are at in your property investment journey.

With property being one of the best investments you can make, our real estate investment mentors will guide you through the process and equip you will the tools you need to achieve your financial goals.

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“The mentoring programme is the next logical step from books and seminars. It gave me the confidence to make the right decisions, be successful and most importantly - Not make the same mistakes that many have before.
In 6 months with PropertyTutors I have tripled my wealth and achieved a passive income of approximately $40,000”.

Mark Davidson July 2, 2014

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