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Wage Increases Not Enough

Has there been a time when wage increases in New Zealand kept up with increases in property values? Wages would need to double at best to keep up with house prices. The average wage would actually need to treble and that’s not going to happen any time soon so home buyers need to think more creatively to grow a healthy deposit for their own home

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DIY Can Cost You More

DIY is no longer in our DNA. Property Investors can fall into the DIY trap and it can end up costing them more over time. The skills required to do a lot of the property investment jobs like maintenance, and home renovations are not in our DNA. Unlike our grandparents, we’re just not that practical. How we spend our free time and our interests have changed. Therefore property investment nowadays relies on engaging the expertise of professionals.

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Five Plus Properties With One Bank

Are you a property investor with five or more properties with one bank? If so you probably know you’ve been given a reprieve of six months from the RBNZ. If you haven’t been aware of a new rule set by the RBNZ you’ve got time. There are positives and negatives to this rule – often it depends on which side you’re on as to the weighting of pluses and minuses for you.

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Caravan or Cabin For Your Next Rental

Residential rental accommodation now includes caravans and cabins not just your usual standalone house or apartment. A tight rental market has seen some property owners make instant use of their section. The placement of a rent a cabin or caravan for renting out to tenants provides instant income and it is fast becoming commonplace especially in South Auckland.

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GST Rules For Trading Property Investors

In a recent video Sean Wood of PropertyTutors shares his thoughts on some of the GST hurdles property investors need to be aware of when selling and buying property. Property Investors buying property to hold as a rental don’t need to be concerned with GST when buying property. Property Traders do need to know the ins and outs of the changed GST rules and be vigilant when dealing with some of the property industry professions.

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A Balancing Act – Our Property Market

Reported on global news sites recently is the state of New Zealand’s housing market. Auckland house values in April 2014 are up 15 percent on the same time last year. The provinces have remained sluggish and more so since the introduction of two interest rate rises and the RBNZ LVR restrictions.

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The Masters Success Breeds Success

Is this a sign of the times? The Masters one day event held in Auckland and Wellington last month exceeded expectations. Barriers to entry to the property market have strengthened recently with the RBNZ Loan to Ratio restrictions and interest rate increases yet neither put off the hundreds of attendees at The Masters last month.

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Kathleen’s Property Deal

The dynamics of the PropertyTutors mentoring program promotes success for property investors. So much so they repeat the program. Kathleen went to The Masters one day event in Auckland – liked what she heard and joined Sean Wood’s mentoring group. Kathleen is a repeat mentoring client too due to the systems provided by PropertyTutors and dynamics of the mentoring group environment.

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