2013 A Year of Property Highs

In 2013 the property market has thrown up a few challenges, but our mentoring clients handled them well.

Great property deals have been done many against the odds and over the coming weeks we’ll be posting on this blog a stand out property deal.  Not all the property deals worked out as we intended.  You’ll be able to witness the highs and lows of some of our property deals.

There were forces of nature that had us changing the game plan midway.  There was the RBNZ LVR lending restrictions and very hot property prices to contend with.

PropertyTutors are at the coalface of property investment in many regions around the country and there is never a dull moment.  While you are now probably well versed in who the PropertyTutors mentors are – (if not you can download this ebook – Property Masters Lessons Learned ) the day to day property deals are known.

What makes a good property deal and what can kill the deal is not the same for every property or every property investor and this is exciting as it offers a lot of opportunity for everyone.

In 2013 we had the announcement that 39,000 new homes would be built in 3 years in the Auckland region and the Christchurch rebuild took off.

Auckland house and apartment building is at a five-year high, with nearly 5700 dwelling consents issued in the year to October.

Geoff Cooper, Auckland Council chief economist, said this was the highest annual figure since 2008 and a 28 per cent increase over the year to October, 2012.


The new homes really can not come quick enough as demand is exceeding supply and property values continue to rise well above the rest of the country.

It’s Christmas next week – have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year and watch this space for the property deals.

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