A Better Future Today

better futureWe all want a future that’s happy, healthy and without money worries especially in retirement; however for up to three-quarters of Kiwis this time in their life is anything but – it’s tough going especially where money is concerned.

“There is an avalanche of baby boomers who are retiring. The burning question for most of them is “How can I live on NZ Superannuation?” A couple who both qualify for NZ Superannuation receive around $576 a week after tax. That’s just under $30,000 a year. For people on an average or above average income, it is a significant drop.”
Liz Koh – Moneymax

Liz Koh is a well-known financial planner and author.  Her blog is full of articles on how to live well in retirement.   There are tough times ahead for retirees.  Working hard now and investing for a better future is the only way to thrive later in life.  Investing in property is one strategy that can grow assets and wealth.     Interest rates are low and that’s not good news for retirees with their money in the bank.  However it’s great news for property investors.

Investing more and spending less can be challenging but it can also be fun and what we know is our Property Masters clients will most likely be in the 10% of retirees who are actually not just surviving they’re thriving.

Our clients, like Evelyn, Darryl, Elliot, are well on their way to having the resources they need to enjoy their retirement and enjoy today!  At our Property Masters events (1 May – Auckland, 15 May – Wellington) our clients  will be on stage answering your questions on how they made a profit from their recent property deals.

Secure a better future today – see you at Property Masters.


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