Watch this video to get tips and ideas on how to tackle property investment challenges. Steve and Don share their views and provide examples of properties they have considered and what they did next.


Property investors need to know how to weather the highs & lows to invest during all stages of the property cycle. On this webinar our property experts will let you know how to set achievable goals to increase your income despite the unpredictable rise and fall of property prices, interest rates and the new legislation.


Steve Goodey here and the countdown is on so get ready for Property Masters 2.0 Wellington it’s going to rock! We’re almost booked out too – so book now to get your ticket to our best ever property event. Feedback from our event in Auckland on 26 March 17…

Our Wellington Property Profits webinar recording is now online. Funding guru Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply covered ‘all things investor funding’ and Steve Goodey revealed what his investor clients are doing in the Wellington region to profit from the local market.


Hi property investors, on our Wellington Property Profits webinar you will find out where to invest in Wellington right now plus get our Top 5 Tips To Profit. Property expert Steve Goodey will reveal what actions his clients are taking right now to earn extra $$ from their existing and new properties and he’ll pinpoint […]


The Property Staircase Webinar recording is online now. Watch this video to find out how two of our clients use the Property Staircase. Hint: One client just wanted to build up a hefty deposit for her first home.

The great moment has arrived for all property investors and anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and wealth. On our Tuesday, 21 March webinar, we will share with you our proven investing strategy “The Property Staircase”.


Property investors using the six figure property investing blueprint aka ‘property staircase’ are many steps ahead of their peers i.e. they are growing their property portfolios faster even in challenging times. How they’re doing it is no secret. It’s safe and proven, relying on understanding timing and multiple investing strategies.


We have some amazing news for you. New Zealand property investor extraordinaire Don Ha will share his incredible ‘rags to riches’ story on our webinar on Wednesday 8 March 2017. We know the timing is right for Don’s story. Our recent survey confirmed property investors want to know how to stay safe and profit in […]

Get ready for Property Masters 2.0. It’s bigger and better than ever before and we’re not just saying that! With the most relevant up-to-date property investing content available plus new speakers our events in Auckland (26th March) & Wellington (7th May) will be sold out.Just look at what’s on at Property Masters 2.0:


The property market has changed, and we know how you can invest in property in your chosen area right now! On this webinar property expert Steve Goodey and finance guru David Windler provide their market insights, recent investing experiences, and tips on how to invest in property despite the environment.

It’s 2017 and the property market is changing so are the property deals still out there? YES. Our Property Masters mentoring client Stephen has just completed 16 property deals this financial year and there’s still a couple of months to go! Wow!

Merry Christmas

From Sean, Steve and all the team here at PropertyTutors we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The success of the recent Property Masters events held this month in Wellington and Auckland prove property investors are keen to remain active in the property market. The requirement for a larger deposit under the LVR restriction rules has property investors seeking support from mentors.

On the webinar last Thursday property experts Matthew Gilligan and Steve Goodey chewed the fat over the future of Auckland’s property market. Auckland is bullet proof and most property investors are insulated from future shocks in the market says Matthew. A shock could be a steep rise in interest rates bought on by global event.

Meet Auckland property investor and mentor extraordinaire Sean Wood on Tuesday 11 October at our Like a Pro free event in Auckland. In just 2 hours with Sean you will learn how to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio and pick up tips on how to overcome obstacles to achieve your goals in life.

Investors Adam and Brett have just completed their second property deal and the results suggest investing in property in Auckland is easy going. If only that was true – so what are these investors doing differently? Is their success just luck or is it something else?

Secure your place on our upcoming WEBINAR – Thursday 6th October 7.30pm NZT. Steve Goodey interviews Auckland property expert Matthew Gilligan – managing director & partner of Gilligan Rowe & Associates.

The Creative Strategies For Funding webinar is online now. Watch this video featuring investment property deals done recently by our investor client – Arista. On the video Mr David Windler of Mortgage Supply works through the numbers and how the properties were funded and PropertyTutors mentor, Steve Goodey explains how the property deals achieved the […]

Adding value to a property to increase equity is a robust strategy used every day by our investor clients. At our Renovate Like a Pro free event you’ll learn how to prep. your property for sale or rent. In 2.5 hours we share examples of recently renovated properties. You’ll find out what to do, the […]

Our Like A Pro free events continues in Auckland 20 & Wellington 21 September with ready to use tips on how to get started as a property investor. In just 2.5 hours you will know the basics of property investment; why Kiwis love it and what all the fuss is about.

Investors want to know how to invest in property right now! On this webinar we let you know how to choose properties that work with the new LVR restriction rules so you can invest in property today and tomorrow.

Negotiating Like a Pro in everyday life gets us a better deal every time. We at PropertyTutors know how to do it and we’re providing our tips for free so you get a better deal for you and your family in all your negotiations.

Remember our investor client Arista? Well, today we’ll be sharing Arista’s lesson on how to do quick property deals for a profit. In less than five weeks Arista purchased, and sold a property for a pre-tax profit of $48,000 and she says there’s a lesson in this deal for all investors doing ‘buy, renovate, sell’ […]

Hi, Steve Goodey here. Not a builder or a tradie? Okay so you don’t like getting your hands dirty, nor does Alicia and yet she’s on target to reach a milestone of 20 property deals in just two years. This special free event will show you how you can work full time, avoid getting hands […]

Reaching the milestone of 10,000 fans on Facebook calls for a celebration! For a short time only we’re offering our fans a special deal on our upcoming Property Masters events in Auckland and Wellington. Click here to find out the deal.

Newbie property investor Kelly has just put her newly renovated property on the market for sale. How much will it sell for and how much profit will Kelly make? The Manukau City property is Kelly’s first renovation deal while being mentored by PropertyTutors.

Property Investors tell us they want to know how to grow their property investment portfolios in today’s market. The most popular question we get asked daily is: How can I purchase more rental properties right now? The rules have changed and property investors know they need to evolve.

University student Mason is just 24 and he is now ‘learning & earning’ with PropertyTutors mentor Steve Goodey. Mason and his dad went to Property Masters in Wellington earlier this year then Mason joined Steve’s mentoring group. Check out how Mason made $57,000 in pre-tax profit from this Hutt Valley property.

To renovate like a pro you don’t have to be a builder, or an architect or even good with interior design. Renovating properties for a profit is a skill you can learn. Register now for our 101 Renovate Like A Pro free event on 31 August 16.

On this webinar we will let you know how to get cash-flow, equity and profit from property in Wellington. Plus our funding expert (we call him “Mr Money”) David Windler, will go further than he has gone so far on our webinars with new ways to fund property purchases in today’s market.

What LVR restrictions? Adam and Brett went to Property Masters in Auckland last October and then joined PropertyTutors mentoring program. The 70% LVR restriction rule was in and now it’s 60 percent however it’s never bothered these investors. They just worked together on profitable property deals under the guidance of PropertyTutors mentors

Helen went to Property Masters in Auckland in May 2016, joined the mentoring program and is now just days away from settling on her first property deal. This property is projected to give her a 6.6 percent yield in Auckland!

Wellington Property deals keep rolling in. Just a few weeks ago a young mum of two made $45,000 in one week. While some property investors now have their foot on the brake, PropertyTutors mentor Steve Goodey says his client has her foot flat down on the accelerator and her property profits keep rolling in.

Steve Goodey hosted the 60% LVR Funding Tactics Webinar a few days ago and now the recording is now available online. Click here to watch the webinar.

Do you want to know how to fund more property since the LVR changes? On this free webinar our panel of funding experts (3 CEOs) will talk solutions so you can work with the 60% LVR restriction and continue to buy investment properties.

Our office in Wellington was jam-packed with investors all eager to negotiate like a pro recently. We’ve been inundated with positive feedback and requests for more events that offer ready-to-use top tips for property investors so get ready to click the ‘register now’ button.

The dates for the last Property Masters event of 2016 have been confirmed. Wellington leads the way with their event happening on Sunday 2nd October and Auckland follows two weeks on Sunday 16th October. Read on to find out more on our early bird deal for both events.

Just as we predicted our Negotiate Like A Pro free training event has been so popular – the 80 seats were snapped up in Auckland in just a few days. Wellington is looking forward to hosting its inaugural Negotiate Like A Pro free training event on – 6th July 2016 – 16 Seats Left – […]

Negotiate Like A Pro is back. We ran this free training event back in November 2015 and we’ve been inundated with requests to run it again. So we’ve put together new material including some of our latest property deals and now we’ve finalised the date. This free training session will be ran in Auckland and […]

Twelve years on, and the soundbites of seasoned property investors are ringing true today. Taking a long term approach to investing in property has always been recommended by many investors on ProperyTalk.

Record attendance at our recent Property Masters events in Wellington and Auckland confirms New Zealanders’ interest in property continues unabated and it’s more popular than other investments on offer.


This weekend The Langham’s Great Room will be jam-packed with hundreds of Property Masters attendees. On Sunday property investors like you will be educated, informed, and entertained by some of New Zealand’s leading property experts.

Wellington wowed over 500 people on the Wellington Hotspots Webinar last night. The recording of this webinar is now online and it is well worth viewing so click here to watch the webinar.

New Zealand’s most popular one day property investor event – Property Masters is now just a few days away. It’s Wellington turn first on Sunday (15th May) and then Auckland’s turn the following Sunday (22nd May).

Confidence has returned to the capital city Wellington, businesses are buoyant, and there’s a real buzz around town. The locals actually look happy! It’s been hard for Steve lately too as he really just wants to shout from the rooftops “I told you so” and who could blame him. Steve has always said Wellington’s a […]

Who would have guessed it – Wellington’s property is in hot demand and not just with the locals. Auckland investors are vying for Wellington residential property, and with new migrants arriving too; in the past couple of months demand is a lot higher than expected.

Property Masters, Auckland is now on 22nd May. Sean Wood apologies for the date change but his doctor insisted on a bit of R & R following his unexpected medical procedure. The very good news is over 500 people have booked for Property Masters, Auckland and we can not wait – it’s going to be […]

A new record was created last night with our webinar series breaking new ground. Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors Wellington, may soon have a new title as the Webinar King of Property Investor webinars.

There is a saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ and it means being unable to see the obvious due to being too involved. It’s a condition that can transcend through everything we do and it could also be described as tunnel vision.

Wayde is happy to tell anyone who’d listen – he’s truly thankful he made the decision to go a Property Masters event and then sign on with Steve Goodey’s mentoring to build up his retirement nest egg.

Property Investor Master Class Webinar shines the spotlight on Property Investors: Darryl & Jen and Alex. These investors are everyday people who have achieved remarkable property investing success from two very different markets. Seven years ago Auckland based Darryl & Jen were juggling low wage part-time jobs; now their annual income is well over $500K […]

Property Masters client Tracey says she’s amazed with her equity grab over the past 18 months. Tracey went to Property Masters and then joined Sean Wood’s mentoring group. Since then Tracey has purchased five properties and completed full renovations on all of them.

Karl’s success with Auckland property proves distance is no barrier. Karl lives and works full-time in Tauranga while buying, renovating and selling properties in Auckland. How can Karl manage all this?

Property investors with an overriding desire to continue investing in Auckland realise they will hit a financial brick wall unless they work smarter and that starts with education.

Here is a webinar that will breathe life and fire back into property investors wanting to invest in Auckland again. The 70% LVR rule is hurting some investors but there are strategies to get around it!

better future

We all want a future that’s happy, healthy and without money worries especially in retirement; however for up to three-quarters of Kiwis this time in their life is anything but – it’s tough going especially where money is concerned.

Evelyn knows a good property deal when she’s sees one – and it thanks to PropertyTutors mentor, Sean Wood and the Property Masters mentoring program. Evelyn went to the Property Masters one day event in 2014 and immediately signed on with Sean Wood.

Autumn has arrived and we’re now into the third month of 2016. How’s your property investing going? Have you downloaded our 2016 ebook yet? Not only has this ebook got valuable tips and information on property deals done by our property investor clients throughout 2015 (including a couple of deals that were finalised in the […]

Late last year PropertyTutors ran an impromptu free tips event for property investors and it was a resounding success. Aptly titled: Negotiate Like A Pro the feedback received from it has prompted another similar style event – this time on how to Purchase Property Like A Pro.

In the new 2016 edition of Profitable Property Deals Revealed a burning question is finally answered. Why do property investors make more profit when they are on the Property Masters mentoring programme?

In a news item on ASB Chief Economist Nick Tuffley says Auckland’s property market will remain cooler this year while the regions will continue to heat up. Since October 2015 property values have risen a lot in Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland due to investor activity.

The ‘Negotiate like a Pro’ free training event held at our Auckland office on Wednesday 9th December was a raging success. PropertyTutors has not ran a free training event of this ilk before so the jury really was out on how well it would be received.

Negotiating like a pro is a skill that fortunately can be learned in just a few hours and PropertyTutors are arguably some of the best negotiators around so you’re in for a treat! Next Wednesday 9th December a couple of our top negotiators will let you how they do it.

New Zealand’s property market has continued to dominate headlines in 2015 and rightly so as a lot has happened this year; most of it in our largest city. The most notable property market ‘low’ throughout 2015 has been lack of supply of property in Auckland. Rising net migration to the area has been good for […]

The popularity of the recent Property Masters events proves New Zealanders’ love of property investment is alive and well and here to stay. Our interest in property and it’s market movements is so vast that our media channels have responded this year by feeding us with copious titbits on a daily basis.

Property investment in Wellington is just about perfect right now says Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors Wellington. While Wellington is reportedly showing low average property value growth for the region there are many sought-after areas providing healthy capital gains.

Property Masters client Steve has just two weeks to go on a property renovation in Naenae. The four bedroom property cost him just $235,000 due to it’s poor condition.  It was also full of rubbish and what homebuyer wants to deal with that! Selling a home that’s dirty, in poor working order and full of […]

WGN Property Masters

Auckland gets the lion’s share of attention especially when there are changes in the property market.  By contrast Wellington flies under the radar and this suits property investors especially those on the Property Masters mentoring program. Steve Goodey, CEO of PropertyTutors Wellington says his team have 44 property deals on the go right now in […]

You’ll want to be on this Webinar. Steve Goodey reveals all you need to know to invest in property in Wellington! Most of the information shared on this webinar is not readily available elsewhere.

“To find gold, look where others are not looking” is the advice to residential property investors as profound change sweeps the market. Sean Wood of Auckland-based property investment mentor company PropertyTutors says a ‘two speed’ investment market is emerging in New Zealand. Many investors are now seeing the Auckland property market as overheated and are […]

Sean Wood, Steve Goodey and the PropertyTutors team work tirelessly on the content and itinerary for the Property Masters event and the upcoming events are no exception.

Remember Darryl and Jen? Well we’ve finally got Darryl on video. Darryl and Jen have been in the Property Masters mentoring program for six years. They are resounding proof PropertyTutors’ 6 figure property investing blueprint is proven to work in different market conditions.

You’ll want to secure your place on this webinar – Tuesday 8th October 7.30pm NZT. Our panel of three New Zealand property market experts: Matthew Gilligan of GRA, Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply, and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors will be sharing their opinions and answering your questions on the following topics:

Are you struggling with traffic jams? Then you too need a helicopter! Sean Wood has taken to the air in his brand new $2 million helicopter and he is getting to his Property Masters properties in record time!

Funding property deals is a big challenge for property investors. Property Masters mentoring clients are fortunate insofar as they can continue to do profitable property deals by joining forces with a peer who qualifies for the finance.

Lauren is a full time artist and stay-at-home mum of two young boys. Lauren is new to property investing, joining the Property Masters mentoring program four months ago. Lauren has completed four profitable property deals and has two more on the go.

Age is no barrier for Elliot Jones. At just 24 years of age, Elliot has been a stand out performer on Sean Wood’s mentoring program this year. Elliot went to the Property Masters in October 2014 and during the past nine months he has worked tirelessly on his property deals, creating profit from properties he […]

PropertyTutors mentoring clients keep on surprising us. You’d be forgiven for believing they need to purchase low end uninhabitable properties to add value and make a profit. However a lot of their property deals are done with properties that are in very good condition like this property purchased just two weeks ago.

PropertyTutors mentoring client James knows how to create quick profitable property deals and he is happy to share one of his recent property deals with you today. James purchased this Manuwera property for $463,000 and sold it midway through the renovations for $583,500. The cost of the reno was $33,000 and the property deal gave […]

Property trading success requires teamwork. Even if you’re working solo i.e. you’re not part of a mentoring group like PropertyTutors; you’re still reliant on other people performing well so you get what you need out of your property deals.

James Upton attended a Property Masters event 18 months ago and he has been part of Sean Wood’s mentoring group ever since. He was in full time employment but realised he could give up his job and become a full time investor using PropertyTutors’ 6 figure property investing blueprint system to secure the property deals […]

Not all property investors are cut from the same cloth. They are all ages and from all walks of life. They have have strengths and weaknesses in different areas according to property investor Dave Cremer. Dave attended the Property Masters event in October 2013 and immediately joined Sean Wood’s Auckland mentoring group.

Do you have a property investor mindset? Developing the right mindset is often not discussed as a direct requirement for property investment. However with it, a lot more can be achieved. Without the right mindset property deals can fall over and potential profits lost.

The dates are now confirmed for the Property Masters one day property investment event. Early bookings secure the best seats and each ticket locks in two seats. It’s been a full on year in property market, Auckland’s property values have surpassed everyone’s expectations; however the deals are still being done therefore needless to say PropertyTutors […]

Property Investors Jen and Daryll have been part of PropertyTutors’ mentoring program for six years and they say they are as giddy over it now as they were when they joined in 2011. Both were in full time work, when they started, now they are full time property traders and investors and say it’s due […]

Winter is your time to win big with profitable property deals. Now is the right time to build up your investment property portfolio while fair weather property buyers are hibernating. We love buying in winter and this is how we do it:

The path to property investment success starts with getting a very good deal on the property price. The art of negotiation is a learned skill which leaves no room for excuses. A quick online search reveals hundreds of links to helpful negotiation tips to keep you and probably your whole family busy for hours, weeks, […]

New Zealand needs a larger population so the good news is that the year to May 2015 was a record for net migration. While nearly half of the 58,000 are in New Zealand on Student Visas many of them will apply for residency visas. Asia accounts for nearly half of all migrants. Auckland is the […]

The property market cycle goes through five stages and in New Zealand we have regions and cities experiencing different stages in the cycle at the same time. The five stages of a property cycle can be described as: Bottom of the market, or start of the recovery; Rising, Booming, Slowing, Stagnant or a Falling market.

Auckland’s buoyant property market continues with the latest Trade Me Sales Price Index reporting a sixteen percent increase in property values in the last 12 months to April ’15.

The recent announcements by RBNZ and the Government did little to curb interest from investors in the trading mentoring services PropertyTutors provide in Auckland and Wellington. The Masters events held in Auckland and Wellington this month had high attendance and the mentoring programs secured more new business than usual.

How will the new RBNZ and Gov’t rules affect Wellington’s property market? You can find out on today’s webinar. Here is your invite to Todays’s Special Edition webinar. Being on this webinar is your chance to witness first hand how $286K Profit was achieved on just four Wellington Properties recently and find out how the […]

Wellington is really the home of absolutely profitable property. Spot the $30,500 profit difference on Angus’ property. Now check out the numbers on this property deal.

Another golden renovation tip. Actually it’s two tips and THE MASTERS clients implement these two tips time and time again because they add profit to their property deals. You can use use them too!

When renovating a bathroom for a property deal ensure the end result is fresh, modern and clean. (See the image on the right – see how ‘white and bright’ it looks). Replace all old fittings, shower, bath, taps, hand basins and toilet suites. A quality vanity is a must, and install the largest one you […]

Are you renovating a property in the near future? If so our top 7 golden renovating tips are what you’ll need. These tips come from the experiences of our THE MASTERS clients who are renovating properties week in and week out in the New Zealand property market.

Meet Douglas in this video. The video commences with Steve Goodey conveying his thoughts on why investing in property resonates with everyday people from the millennials (25 – 35), generation xers, to baby boomers and retirees.

Speaking in front of a video camera does not come easy for most and that includes Sean and Steve’s mentoring clients. This therefore presents quite a challenge to PropertyTutors who are keen to share the frequent feedback they receive from their clients on The Masters property mentoring program.

Kurek Ashley has become a household name around the world for his personal development books and ideas. He has literally inspired thousands of people, many even walking across hot coals for the first time.

Kurek Ashley will inspire you to take action. He is an international best selling author and in demand speaker and you can meet him in person at THE MASTERS.

Every so often property renovations deliver up a surprise or two for PropertyTutors The Masters mentoring clients and in this property at 5 Siska Place, Wattle Downs, Auckland, the surprise was hidden under its floor coverings.

Steve Goodey here. I am running a property investing webinar called Mastering The Property Game. On this webinar you will learn about the 200K a Year Blueprint Plan, Property Trading Mistakes, Run of Mill Profits and how to Reno for Cash.

It wasn’t that long ago the PropertyTutors investment strategy of buy, reno, sell or rent was considered risky at best by the mainstream and media.

The Masters one day event is renown for its property investing content and while everyone wants to see Sean Wood and Steve Goodey, our reviews suggest the content is also a major drawcard.

In this video Dave Windler from Mortgage Supply Co provides his current viewpoint on property investor funding. This video is specifically for investors and Dave lets you know how to unlock equity to fund more rental property purchases.

The dates are set and tickets are selling fast. The Masters is a live event held in Auckland and Wellington. It showcases property deals done in the last six to twelve months and how the mentors Sean Wood and Steve Goodey have worked tirelessly to bring out the best in their clients.

Auckland is leading the property listings drought, however it doesn’t appear to be dampening the spirits of property investors, they are still securing profitable property deals even in today’s market.

Property investors are said to be primarily responsible for the property woes of first home buyers in New Zealand. Commentators have gone a step further saying property investors have also caused the housing price inflation in Auckland due to buying too much property, and not paying enough tax.

Property investors who regularly buy, renovate and on-sell property AKA ‘trading’ inherently know how to prep a property to achieve the maximum sale price. By contrast ‘buy and hold’ investors and homeowners are less well informed and thus their properties are usually ‘under done’ and not looking their best during the sales marketing process and […]

The Resources Management Act has been a dead weight around our necks and it’s time for reforms to halt the action of the Nimbys and Bananas. It’s the Nimbys (Not In My Back Yard) and Bananas (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) whom have caused untold damage to our economy.

Demand for rental properties heightens at this time of the year and 2015 may set the record for supply not meeting demand. Online news sites are reporting huge demand for rental accommodation and a property management company has gone as far as to suggest renters need now a ‘CV’ to stand out and secure the […]

It’s that time of year when we look for some property design inspiration.   What’s your next house going to look like?  Check out these properties – they are residential homes – some are really quite cool while others are just plain weird!    

New Zealanders love property and they don’t like being told to invest elsewhere.  NZ Institute of Economic Research principal economist, Shamubeel Eaqub prefers Shares to Property and his recent comments may have been a step too far for Accountant Matthew Gilligan of Gilligan Rowe & Associates. Matthew is a chartered accountant and has been practising […]

Wellingtonians are in for a treat on Wednesday 3rd December @ 6.30pm. Joy Thompson, a mentor with PropertyTutors Wellington hosts the inaugural PropertySmart Wellington seminar.  Those of you who know Joy will be “jumping for joy” (no pun intended) and booking your seat immediately.  Joy is an experienced property investor and mentor who thrives on […]

Grant Hoey here from PropertyTutors in Auckland.  I want you to come along to our brand new property investing seminar called … PropertySmart – Investing Made Simple Come along and discover our property investing blueprint and how you can set yourself and your family up using property as a wealth building and freedom creating vehicle. […]

Can you buy property in New Zealand for under its market value? Market Value is considered the ‘true underlying value’  of the property – not to be confused with ‘market price’. Market price is the listing price of the property and this usually differs from it’s market value. On a property discussion forum there is […]

The formation of a new Rules Reduction Taskforce is welcomed news for many property investors, builders and homeowners. Paula Bennett is the new Local Government minister and she has formally set in motion the new Rules Reduction Taskforce (RRT). The website is live and it encourages property investors, developers, renovators and home owners to complete […]

A couple of weeks ago The Masters event was held in Auckland and it was a roaring success!   This weekend it’s Wellington’s turn and it too is shaping up to be an outstanding event.  If you were on the “What’s Hot in Wellington’ webinar last week you’ll know Wellington is where the property deals […]

Steve Goodey here and I am super pumped for this Wednesday nights webinar. Webinar:   What's HOT in the Wellington Property Market Date:   Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Time:   7.30pm Spaces available on this webinar:   250 (so get in quick) Register for the Webinar On this webinar I'm going to reveal my Wellington property investing plan and how I help my […]

If you are a landlord and you’re in the market for a rental property chances are your fellow buyers will also be property investors. Landlords have grabbed a greater share of property sales in New Zealand.

National’s win on Saturday has already seen the markets respond with a rise in the NZ dollar.  It’s up a few points against the US Dollar as of 8 am this morning.    Consumer confidence will follow too says Martin Rudings, a senior dealer, foreign exchange, at OMF in a news item on NZHerald. A […]

This property deal is a little weird, and what’s more it has a CRAZY twist at the end, so keep reading. Let’s start by looking at a few pics and the numbers. Auckland Property Deal By Our Client Tua Purchased for – $330,000 | Reno Cost – $50,000 | Sold for – $445,000 Profit – […]

Hi Steve Goodey here, I’m going to show you how in a brand new Webinar called “Reno 4 Cash – How to Make $200k a Year Trading Property in New Zealand Right Now”. This Webinar is on Wednesday 17 September at 7.30pm. Spaces are filling up first and are limited to 500.

The term ‘Property Investment’ is a broadly used to describe strategies that turn a profit using property as the investment vehicle.  Some of the strategies are well known and much publicised such as ‘buy and hold’ and ‘development’.   There are other property investment strategies that are highly profitable too – and with a greater […]

An athlete trains all the time so they remain in peak performance.  Arguably the same strategy should be applied in all professions including property investment.  Ongoing participation in property deals improves your knowledge and property investing success.   The property deals you continue to learn from may not all be yours.   Even when you’re in […]

New Zealand’s General Election is just around the corner and campaigning is well underway.  Which party is right for property investors? Property Investment and property affordability pops up as a key topic every Election and the parties tend to want to out do each other with stricter measures for the popular vote.  So which party […]