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101 Renovate Like A Pro

To renovate like a pro you don’t have to be a builder, or an architect or even good with interior design. Renovating properties for a profit is a skill you can learn. Register now for our 101 Renovate Like A Pro free event on 31 August 16.

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What LVR restrictions? JV Property Deals Profit

What LVR restrictions? Adam and Brett went to Property Masters in Auckland last October and then joined PropertyTutors mentoring program. The 70% LVR restriction rule was in and now it’s 60 percent however it’s never bothered these investors. They just worked together on profitable property deals under the guidance of PropertyTutors mentors

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WGN Mum Made $45,000 Profit In 1 Week

Wellington Property deals keep rolling in. Just a few weeks ago a young mum of two made $45,000 in one week. While some property investors now have their foot on the brake, PropertyTutors mentor Steve Goodey says his client has her foot flat down on the accelerator and her property profits keep rolling in.

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