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Property Masters 2.0

All New Property Event For You

Get ready for Property Masters 2.0. It’s bigger and better than ever before and we’re not just saying that! With the most relevant up-to-date property investing content available plus new speakers our events in Auckland (26th March) & Wellington (7th May) will be sold out.Just look at what’s on at Property Masters 2.0:

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Property Market & Finance Update Webinar

The property market has changed, and we know how you can invest in property in your chosen area right now! On this webinar property expert Steve Goodey and finance guru David Windler provide their market insights, recent investing experiences, and tips on how to invest in property despite the environment.

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Auckland’s Bullet Proof

On the webinar last Thursday property experts Matthew Gilligan and Steve Goodey chewed the fat over the future of Auckland’s property market. Auckland is bullet proof and most property investors are insulated from future shocks in the market says Matthew. A shock could be a steep rise in interest rates bought on by global event.

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Adam & Brett Do It Again

Investors Adam and Brett have just completed their second property deal and the results suggest investing in property in Auckland is easy going. If only that was true – so what are these investors doing differently? Is their success just luck or is it something else?

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