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Video – Property Deal Adds $70K In 4 Weeks

PropertyTutors mentoring clients keep on surprising us. You’d be forgiven for believing they need to purchase low end uninhabitable properties to add value and make a profit. However a lot of their property deals are done with properties that are in very good condition like this property purchased just two weeks ago.

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James’s Quick Profitable Property Sold During Reno

PropertyTutors mentoring client James knows how to create quick profitable property deals and he is happy to share one of his recent property deals with you today.

James purchased this Manuwera property for $463,000 and sold it midway through the renovations for $583,500. The cost of the reno was $33,000 and the property deal gave James $87,500.

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Property Masters James Upton’s Property Deal

James Upton attended a Property Masters event 18 months ago and he has been part of Sean Wood’s mentoring group ever since. He was in full time employment but realised he could give up his job and become a full time investor using PropertyTutors’ 6 figure property investing blueprint system to secure the property deals profits he needed to support his lifestyle.

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18 Months On – Mentoring Client Speaks Out

Not all property investors are cut from the same cloth. They are all ages and from all walks of life. They have have strengths and weaknesses in different areas according to property investor Dave Cremer. Dave attended the Property Masters event in October 2013 and immediately joined Sean Wood’s Auckland mentoring group.

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Property Masters Dates Confirmed

The dates are now confirmed for the Property Masters one day property investment event. Early bookings secure the best seats and each ticket locks in two seats. It’s been a full on year in property market, Auckland’s property values have surpassed everyone’s expectations; however the deals are still being done therefore needless to say PropertyTutors clients are making all the right moves.

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