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Learn from the experts how to create wealth for you and your family by investing in real estate. Property Tutors runs investment seminars in Auckland and Wellington. At these event we offer attendees exclusive access to our Property Masters investment course.

The Property Masters Event

Property Masters 2.0 5 Reasons To Attend New Zealand’s Biggest Property Investing One Day Event

Reason #1. 10 Hours of Property Investing GOLD ­ At the ŒProperty Masters’, you get 10 hours of our best and most update property investing content, strategies, tips and insider property market knowledge. By the way, this is the type of insider property market knowledge that we normally only share with our elite mentoring clients. Yep this content is that good.  Anybody who can buy a house, can make money in a rising market. The true test of an investor is whether they can make money in a changing/declining market. We will show you why we don’t mind if the market drops, in fact… we get excited (really excited) about it! We’ll share robust strategies which work in the current market and the market we may be heading for, so that you can stay safe and invest with confidence regardless of what is happening.

Reason #2. Our Goal for YOU – At the ‘Property Masters’ we have a goal to deliver you so much usable content that you jump out the door at the end of the day inspired to take your property investing to the next level. The good news is we have helped a lot of people just like you do this at our previous Masters events. We know we can help you as well. You just have to take the first step to book your tickets.

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Reason #3. Networking with Like Minded People – At the ‘Property Masters’ you will meet and network with some of our most successful clients. These clients are out and about in the property market every week so they know what’s hot and what’s not right now. (Seriously, I wish I had this opportunity when I started out on my property investing journey.)

Reason #4. Money Back Guarantee – At the “Property Masters” we offer a full money back guarantee. That’s right in the unlikely event you’re not happy with the all the strategies and tips you receive on the day we will refund your money. It is that simple. The good news is we have never had to this at all.

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Reason #5. The Price & Bonuses ­ Firstly you can buy a ticket for 2 starting from only $97.00. Yep at this price this event will sell out again for the 8th time in a row. Plus right now when you book your tickets you will receive impressive bonuses absolutely FREE. All the bonus information is on the booking page, so don¹t wait around any longer. Go here now and book your tickets before someone else gets your seat.

Reason #6.  No Sales-Pitch Guarantee! Yes, you read it right. As the NZ market leader for property education, we are on a mission to reset the standard in the industry. People are sick of being ‘tricked’ into events and then being told to learn the ‘good stuff’ they need to pay thousands more to attend the ‘advanced training’. This seminar is comprehensive and we can proudly let you know to…Leave your wallet at home! There is no selling anything to you, just high quality content from the best speakers and trainers in the industry! (Butt-Covering Caveat: We have a mentoring program, and we’ll tell you about it briefly at the seminar, but there is no hard-sell, and you can’t join on the day even if you want to.)

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Look forward to seeing you at the “Property Masters”. Make sure you come up and say “hello” on the day.

Until then, happy property investing.

PropertyTutors Team