Funding Property Deals With A JV Partner

blog postFunding property deals is a big challenge for property investors. Property Masters mentoring clients are fortunate insofar as they can continue to do profitable property deals by joining forces with a peer who qualifies for the finance.

Joint venture property deals has given property investors like Arista, a huge advantage. Arista went to Property Masters a year ago and joined Sean Wood’s mentoring group. After the first couple of properties, she struggled to find funding. Arista lived overseas for six years and owns a small business, so she was falling short on finance qualification. Fearing this was going to halt her property investing altogether she partnered with another Property Masters mentoring investor. It turned out to be the perfect solution and they’ve done seven property deals together!

JV has been very successful, and we have both gained in experience from the partnership

In less than a year Arista has done nine deals and over $500K in pre tax profit. Seven of the nine deals were Joint Venture projects so the profit is shared.

Arista is a new investor and she is learning on every deal. Some properties have provided good profit while others have been done more for the experience. The profit while important is not her only goal whilst she is in her first year of property investing. The knowledge and skills Arsita is gaining is worth its weigh in gold and Sean’s input priceless.

The very good news is next year Arista will have the cashflow and capital to do her own deals. However joint ventures may also happen too when it makes sense to partner with another investor on a property investment deal.


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