Mentors Can Give Property Investors A Step Up

To reach our full potential in a chosen career – a coach or mentor is a given and you may change the coach a few times in your career too.

Do property investors use coaches and mentors?  The smart investors do.

Without the mentor or coach we can only go so far as we are relying on our own knowledge and experience.

Your career may be in business, sport or academia, a trade or property investment.  Schooling provides basic skills and further education increases our knowledge.   We may also have lots of talent and motivation to succeed but we are lacking in wisdom!

To reach our full potential in whatever we elect to do in life – we need to acquire the wisdom of others .  We need their years of experience working for us.  We can then avoid the mistakes the mentor or coach has made over the years and with their support we can deal with new challenges like a seasoned pro.  Using a mentor makes sense.

There are lots of property investors in New Zealand – most have less than five properties.   The property investors who engage a mentor generally step up their game and grow their property portfolio a lot  faster than they would have done on their own.  Yet it’s still not that common to engage a property investment mentor.

If there is  any apprehension with using property mentors, it’s probably due to not knowing what to expect from them.   With a sports coach or mentor it’s easier to know what to expect.  You may have heard the top tennis players are engaging the wisdom of past tennis greats.

Andy Murray has Ivan Lendl as his coach and his game has stepped up a level.  He won his first grand slam and the Olympic title in the first year with Ivan.   Novak Djokovic has recently teamed up with Boris Becker.

So if it’s good enough for the tennis pros maybe it’s good enough for property investors.   They too can team up with experienced property investors.

Sean Wood of PropertyTutors is a seasoned professional property investor and an experienced mentor.  He is also the owner of PropertyTutors Limited.   You can learn more about him in this eBook Lessons Learned by the Property Masters 

PropertyTutors are leaders in property investment education and mentoring and their mentors are the ‘old heads’ who provide knowledge and wisdom that property investors can utilise to get that step up.

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