Negotiate Like A Pro – Free Training Next Weds


Negotiating like a pro is a skill that fortunately can be learned in just a few hours and PropertyTutors are arguably some of the best negotiators around  so you’re in for a treat!  Next Wednesday 9th December a couple of our top negotiators will let you know how they do it.

How is it some people seem to always manage to buy property well below the asking price yet you struggle to find these deals?  Register now for this complementary training event  – and you will find out.



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NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO – in just 2.5 hours
Wednesday 9th December 6 – 8.30pm

Do you suffer from negotiation frustration?  We know what that’s like and we know how to get rid of it with some easy to use methods to curb emotion so you can take immediate action using real strategies that work when negotiating for just about anything.

Register now for this complementary training event  – and you will also learn how to gain a tactical edge at Auctions!  Property Auctions – how good are you at outsmarting your competition and coming away with the deals you want at the price you want to pay?  The content we will share on negotiating at Auctions is priceless and it’s not something you’ll find online…..

So spend a couple of hours with us on Wednesday 9th December and we will reveal our top tips for succeeding at Auctions.  Our clients do amazingly well at Auctions and we will let you know how to ooze confidence, gain control and the upper-hand during the Auction process.

We believe you’ll never make money faster than when you are negotiating.

See you on Wednesday – it’s going to be fun, entertaining, with no hype, no fluff, no sales – just a whole lot of cool information packed into a few hours in a chilled out atmosphere.


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