Newbie Lauren’s Four Properties in Four Months

Sean_LaurenLauren is a full time artist and stay-at-home mum of two young boys.  Lauren is new to property investing, joining the Property Masters mentoring program four months ago.  Lauren has completed four profitable property deals and has two more on the go.

In this video Lauren is with Sean at one of the properties she has just bought.  Sean and Lauren explain how she brought two properties under market value in two days and what’s going to happen to them.

Lauren went to the Property Masters event in May 2015 and joined Sean’s mentoring program.  In four months Lauren has not only learnt a lot, she has also made a profit.

Profitable property deals start with the purchase.  The aim of Property Masters clients like Lauren is to buy property under the market value so there’s equity in the deal before any value is added to it.

Value is added to a property when it’s renovated.  Some properties just need a coat of paint and new carpet to value up enough for the investor to on sell for a profit or hold and rent out. Other properties show more potential and will value up a lot more with a new configuration that may include extra bedrooms added.

Property Masters has shown property investors including Lauren, Elliot and James  when to do a quick reno or a full refurbishment as well as how to buy property under market value.


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