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You’ll want to secure your place on this webinarTuesday 8th October 7.30pm NZT.

Our panel of three New Zealand property market experts: Matthew Gilligan of GRA, Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply, and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors will be sharing their opinions and answering your questions on the following topics:

RBNZ’s LVR Restrictions (Auckland Vs The Provinces)
How are investors funding Auckland rental property investments now they need to have a 30 percent deposit?
What is the ‘Grouping Rule’ and how can you avoid it?
Can property investors get more than 80% finance?
What opportunities are there for property investors outside of Auckland?

Capital Growth vs Cashflow Debate
Auckland offers high capital growth, but typically low yields. In the provinces it is the reverse – i.e. low to moderate property value growth but good yield. Therefore where can property investors still get good yield in Auckland?
Which regions around the country are offering good capital growth? Where can investors get capital growth and good yield?

Wellington – Why Property Investors Are Loving It
Wellington is positioned to play a key role in a smart property investors portfolio over the next few years – why is it in hot demand right now?

Our panel will provide their viewpoints on what BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander really said when he advised; “Wellington offered good opportunities for investors”.

The Bright-Line Test 101 & 102
What is the Bright-Line Test and how does it apply to property traders and buy & hold property investors?

Matthew, David and Steve will also comment on other key topics including rules for foreign buyers and foreign investment in New Zealand.

Seats on this webinar are limited – register right now.

Sean Wood & Steve Goodey

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