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PropertyTutors’ provide the most successful property investment mentoring programs in New Zealand.

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“Ask the experienced, not the learned”

Join us for a Webinar on October 2

Here is a webinar that’s a little different than the usual for property investors. Find out how property deals have achieved outstanding results and how you too can negotiate great deals. Also join in our “pick the profit” competition

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Finding Positive Cash-Flow Property

Think outside the box -it can sound a bit old hat – but still be true, thinking outside the box and consider everything will help your property investment business. When it comes to property, keep your focus on your goals but do not be narrow focused on the properties you view and consider.

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3 Investment strategies that work

Whether you are looking for a short tern or long term investment, property investment can offer good returns to the investor. You can buy and hold or renovate or even opt for a flip of the property. Whichever option suits your situation.

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Renown Motivational Speaker Speaks Out

Kurek Ashley is a regular speaker at PropertyTutors’ The Masters event held twice a year in Auckland and Wellington.   The Masters is a popular event made all the more special with Kurek’s attendance.  Click here to check out Kurek’s recent video on why he believes you need to attend The Masters…and it’s not just […]

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Property Investing Webinar

On this week, PropertyTutor’s webinar, do not miss this opportunity to hear from the best in the business. The Webinars always fill up quickly, so book now for your place to see Steve Goodey from PropertyTutors.

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Do you have enough money to Retire

For many people the government super will not be enough to retire on and many people face the prospect of working full or part time well past the retirement age of 65. Plan ahead to ensure you give yourself the option of supplementing your weekly income yourself.

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Tips for Internal Renovation

When looking at a property to renovate, recommend you do your research and always think about your yield. The 5% rule of thumb is a good one to stick to, if the renovation costs will exceed 5% of the total value of the property – then probably best to walk away.

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Capital Growth and New Goals

Doing the deal does not always mean bargaining down, if you can pay a fair price so that the vendor is happy and you make the yield you require for your property investment NZ business, then you are both winners. At we know the importance of making yields and hitting targets.

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eBook – 29 tips for Property Investment success

29 tips for Property Investment success is the new ebook from and is available free to you to download. In this blog there is also a testimonial from Conan Hunt, Conan is currently in the Property Tutors Masters program and is enjoying his experience and making a success with his property investment business.

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PropertyTutors – One Day Masters Event

Investing in the residential property market offers great scope for making money, building a property portfolio and securing financial future takes more expertise. At PropertyTutors we have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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