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Property Investment values double in 7 years

The value of property in Auckland doubles, on average, every 7 years. In other areas in New Zealand the average time is closer to 10 years, but either way if your investment doubles every 7-10 years that makes it a pretty good investment. Talk to PropertyTutors on how you can enjoy success with property investing. […]

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Why Invest in Property?

There are many reasons why property investment nz remains a solid option to investors and with property values doubling every 7 to 10 years, property offers a real return on investment. The added security of a tangible asset is also appealing and many investors have over 30% of their investment portfolio in property. Read the […]

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Kitchens and Bathrooms Renovations Sell Houses

Renovations of the bathrooms and kitchens can be basic and cosmetic or more detailed with an impact on its functionality. While a basic makeover may involve a change of flooring, tiling and a fresh coat of paint, the bigger renovation will involve a complete refit. Read the full article here Kitchens and Bathrooms Renovations Sell […]

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Can you Save Money with DIY Renovating

Do-it-yourself or DIY projects, no matter how skilled you may be, are at best amateurish, and may lack the finish that a professional trades person can give.Sticking to simpler tasks like, repairing tap leakage, roof repairs, oiling hinges, repairing windows or doors, and painting the house may be a better use of your time.

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Property Investment to Increase Wealth

Property purchased wisely involves buying at the right location at the right time and at the right price. Compared to other investment channels investing in property is safer, far removed from cyclical or other down swings and uncertainties, and also one serves as the most acceptable form of collateral.

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Understanding Positive Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is not easy for small businesses and lower and middle income group people, where earnings are low and they barely manage to meet their daily basic need, and have to raise money through loans to meet extra costs. However, there are many ways of making the cash flow positive by adopting a […]

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Property Interior Renovation

The most frequently renovated parts of the house include bathrooms and kitchens, which are also among the most important parts of the house to buyers and tenants. However, over the years, other parts of the house have gained significance for renovations as well. Bedrooms and sitting rooms are equally important, with new flooring and re-painting […]

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Property Investment and Setting More Goals

When your Property Investing business is turning a good profit and you are feeling like maybe taking a break you need to assess your goals and make sure you are not throwing away an opportunity to consolidate your business. Keeping on track means keeping your eye on your goals and from time to time reviewing […]

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Reserve Bank Bulletin released

The Reserve Bank today released the first issue of the Reserve Bank Bulletin for 2012. The Bank’s prudential supervisory role has seen major change over the last five years, particularly since the Bank took on regulation of the non-bank deposit taking and insurance sectors. The Bulletin’s first article outlines the evolution of this area of […]

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