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“Ask the experienced, not the learned”

How To Profit From Property

This October in Auckland and Wellington PropertyTutors are running a Masters Event for Property Investors and those interested in a securing their financial future through property investment. You will learn key strategies from the best in the business.

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Outdoor Renovation Tips

Any part of renovating a house should involve not just making it look appealing, but also fixing any issues that the house has. Water pooling on pathways and muddy pathways are a real turn-off for buyers and tenants. You can fix these issues yourself or get in the experts.

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What Does a Property Investment Mentor Do

A property Investment mentor can give you the confidence to move ahead in the property investment nz game. Taking those first few steps on the property ladder can be difficult an having an expert to guide you makes good sense. At we have a group of mentors you have a wealth of experience.

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Property Investing for Beginners

Whether you are new to property investing or checking out a new area to invest in, the first and most important thing you need to focus on is getting to know your market. Do your research on the location and get to know all there is know on about it. Try to just keep your […]

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Top House Improvements for your Renovation Dollar

When planning on spending money renovating an investment property, it is important to spend your money in areas that will give a good return on investment and have the greatest impact on appeal to buyers. Exterior renovations have been long held to to give a solid return, talk to your real estate about how you […]

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Property Investment and Lateral Thinking

Property investment as a business has many challenges and staying ahead of the game is important. Thinking outside the square and being lateral will almost always reap positive results. Using low interest loans to turn negatively geared property into a high cashflow property is one train of thought worth considering.

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Attend More Seminars and Keep Learning

There is so much advice and information out there about property investment, it is hard to know what you should be reading or listening to. With a mentor through Property Tutors , they will help you to find what is best for you and help you as you make some huge decisions.

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101 Money School

It is so important these days to plan for your financial future, the younger you begin this the better off you will be. Whether you are thinking about travel or retirement it is never too early or too late to learn new skills.

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Property Investment Strategies

Property Investment NZ is more than just getting a property in the right location, it is what you do from there that will impact on whether your property investment business is profitable or not. You can buy and hold, flip, renovate or lease, picking the right strategy for your business is key.

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