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The Property Market in Review

Property Investment NZ is an ever changing market that works in cycles, peaking and falling over time. The last 5 years have seen many changes and events that have affected the market. The Christchurch earthquake is one example. Staying alert to the market means you can enter and exit at the best times.

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How to Find a Positive Cash Flow Property

Property Investment NZ success starts with understanding how you want to gear your properties, either negatively geared of positively geared. Both have benefits and drawbacks. As an investor you need to understand the different opportunities and find the best options for your property investment business.

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Apartment Property Investment

The Apartment Property Investment market can seem daunting to many would-be investors and you really need to do your sums when you are looking at buying, selling and leasing apartments. But every now and then an opportunity arises that is attractive, so you should always keep your mind open to apartment investment. When it comes […]

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How Mentoring Can Work For You

Tapping into the experience of someone who has been there and done that – property wise, makes good business sense.  If you are new to Property Investing or are struggling to succeed then a Property Mentor could work wonders. A Mentor will help you make informed – not emotional – decisions, you can learn from […]

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Property Investment Rules

Many people see property investing as a simple process of buying a property then selling it for a profit or renting to cover all their costs and give them an income.  But like any investment scenario, there are numbers to crunch to understand how the property is performing. To make your property investment portfolio a […]

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Negative Gearing Explained

Negative gearing – sometimes called negative borrowing is all about off setting loss against tax, whilst still gaining capital growth on your property investment. Often these negatively geared properties are rentals and are one of many in your portfolio.

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Property Investment Courses – Why Attend?

Property investment courses are generally conducted by large real estate firms, which have the resources and a set of professionals to conduct training. Against a backdrop of numerous successful transactions, the individuals enrolling for them benefit from their network, learn the latest available software, and have a point of contact when they run into difficulties.

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