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How to Cut Costs While Renovating Property

It is both tempting and easy to over spend when renovating or improving a property. If you are renovating as part of your property investment business then you must have a plan and a budget and stick to both. The 5% spending rule is a useful one to stick to and gives you an immediate […]

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How Property Investment can Lead to Financial Freedom

Planning for your future retirement can be daunting and many of us put off doing anything about it. But considering property investment as one way to save could be the start of something new, exciting and profitable for you. At Property Tutors we are all about encouraging people to begin investing, but get the help […]

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Learning and Teaching Property Investment

In the Property Investment business you are always learning and if you would like to take advantage of the benefits of participating in the PropertyTutors tutoring programme, meet like-minded people, and be coached by experienced investors, visit We’d love to see you and help you achieve your own property investing success.

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Property Investment and Retirement Needs

Everybody needs to think about and plan for their retirement, it might for a vacation or a new car or just to not have to worry about money at all. Talk to Property Tutors and they will be able to tell you about Property Investment in New Zealand and how, as part of your financial […]

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Property Exterior Renovation

If as a Property Investor you have decided to renovate the exterior of your property in order to sell it, you need to consider what options you have. You can spend a small fortune on renovations, but always keep you eye on the numbers and how they stack up. Re-painting can be the best option […]

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