Paradigm Shift Required For Inner Suburb Residents

Consent given to a new apartment block in Parnell has riled up local residents according to a news item on NZHerald.

Living in inner city suburbs is the desire and envy of many of us who can not afford to own property in these highly sought after locations of Auckland.

Therefore we’re not overly sympathetic to their cause – even if they do have valid concerns.  Growth however is a constant for Auckland.  It is expanding up and out.   High density living is a fact of life for most major cities around the world and Auckland is now joining them. Auckland is a desired place to live by local and offshore migrants.  Strong economic performance and being attractive helps as well as its recognition as a safe place to live.

The property values in Auckland are therefore  much higher than anywhere else in the country so the less sympathetic amongst us say “you can’t have it both ways”.

Perhaps purchasing an apartment or two in the new apartment block is the answer for these local residents of Parnell.  As the saying goes “if you can’t beat them – join them”.  Enjoy the rewards of owning property in the inner city suburbs and live somewhere quieter, and less congested if that is what you still desire.

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The Masters in Auckland 18 May is already in high demand.  News of the success Sean Wood’s property investor clients are experiencing is spreading fast and many of us are realising we too can take control of our financial futures by investing in property.

Therefore be happy if you own property in inner city suburbs and seek the lifestyle you desire elsewhere as we can not stop change and Auckland is changing fast.

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