Perfect Property Deals In Wellington


“It’s hard not to be impressed with $60,000 profit from a property bought, spruced up and sold in nine days!”

Property investment in Wellington is just about perfect right now says Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors Wellington.  While Wellington is reportedly showing low average property value growth for the region there are many sought-after areas providing healthy capital gains.

Do you want cash flow?  Well Wellington can provide that too so investors can cherry pick many areas of Wellington offering positive cash flow for buy and hold rental property investments.

The devil is of course in the detail – knowing just where to apply which property investment strategy is key to a property investor’s success.  Property Masters is a one day event that will provide insight into the wonders of Wellington’s property market.

PropertyTutors Wellington’ clients are property investors who have been to a Property Masters event and are being mentored by Steve Goodey.  Under Steve’s guidance these investors are doing property deals they would not do on their own and right now they have 44 property deals on the go.

Experience levels amongst Steve’s clients varies from first time investor to seasoned landlord and it’s not uncommon for the newbie investors to surprise the mentoring group including Steve with their eye for good deals.


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