Property Investment eBooks

PropertyTutors are committed to providing property investment eBooks that inform, educate and inspire you.

Staying relevant is the focus for their eBooks.  The property market in New Zealand goes through cycles and events around the world impact on the market here.

Property investment in New Zealand comes in many forms.  Often the media group everyone who provides a service to the property industry as a ‘property investor’ which is incorrect.  Property developers are not typically property investors so its important to know the difference and work out how you want to invest in property.

Here are three eBooks that are relevant in today’s market and you can download all of them without charge!




The most recent eBook is Property Deals Revealed and it provides examples of property deals done by mentoring students of Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors.

Then there is the Lessons Learned By The Property Masters.  This ebook provides Sean Wood’s and Steve Goodey’s background in property investment and the lessons they learned along the way.

The third eBook is 29 Know How Property Investment Tips.  Once again the relevance of this eBook is in knowing what to do, and what action to avoid if the conditions are not right for the property you are considering.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with property investment however there are some key fundamentals that assist with your property investment decisions so its worth knowing them and mentors like Sean Wood and Steve Goodey can provide the support you need to get your property investment on the right track.

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