Property Investment Education in 2014

What’s changed?  A decade ago new books on Property Investment were popping up in bookstores around the country.

Nowadays it’s hard to find a recent edition of an earlier publication let alone a new book!

The advent of the Internet and eBooks have taken over the traditional printed matter.

EBooks are cheaper to produce and they can reach greater audience quick smart via social sharing and email marketing.

PropertyTutors Limited are New Zealand’s leading property investment education and mentoring provider.  They are committed to continuing property investors education via free downloadable eBooks.  Since 2011 they have released a new eBook every year and your property investment education can be guaranteed with their new and updated content.

Often we become accidental property investors and learn by our own experiences.  Knowing the basics can steer us away from some of the pitfalls and this basic tips eBook is a good starting point for budding and seasoned property investors.

Profitable Profits Revealed eBook – download now

Sean Wood and Steve Goodey are professional property mentors and under their mentoring program property investors have been very successful with their property deals. Not everything goes to plan however and the eBook presents some of the challenges faced by the investors too.

29 Know How Property Investment Tips – download now

Property investment education is often more effective when applied to an investors actual experiences.  We learn by watching and copying others and this eBook by Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors teaches us what to avoid when we find ourselves in similar circumstances.

Lessons Learned by The Property Masters – download now


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