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Knowing how to invest in property is the first step towards an incredible wealth generating opportunity. Through PropertyTutors property investment education and coaching programme we will show you how to make your money work for you.

Whether you are a first time property investor or are already investing in real estate, PropertyTutors will teach you their proven formula for financial success.

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Learn from the experts before you begin investing in real estate. Understand why you should invest in property:

  • Property investment is less volatile with no fluctuating rates.
  • Generates capital growth and can be a source of additional income.
  • Property investment is better than fixed deposits and bonds with reasonable returns and added tax benefits.

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Quick and easy access to a wealth of real estate investment knowledge and experience including:

  • Inspiration and motivation to help you succeed as a property investor in today’s market.
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  • Lessons learned from the PropertyTutors educators.

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Great for first time property investors or more experienced investors. Learn how New Zealand’s leading authority on property investment accomplished his goals by:

  • Studying the theory behind real estate investment.
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