Property Market & Finance Update Webinar


The property market has changed, and we know how you can invest in property in your chosen area right now!

On this Webinar property expert Steve Goodey and finance guru David Windler provide their market insights, recent investing experiences, and tips on how to invest in property despite the environment.

Property investors are keen to invest but so many are hearing ‘No’ from their banks. Finance guru Dave says it’s time property investors pushed back, and kept going until they get a YES from banks.

Please Note: The information Steve and Dave share on this webinar is not readily available anywhere. We have a 500 attendee limit and this webinar will book out within hours.

Property Market & Finance Update – Webinar

Wednesday 22 February @ 7.30 pm (NZT)
(Limited to 500 attendees)
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Dave as one of NZ’s leading mortgage advisers knows what he’s talking about and on this webinar you’ll find out what’s really going on globally and locally including:
Rates, LVR’s, Credit availability. First you need to understand the rules before you play the game.
Trapped equity. It’s there you can see it but your bank wont let you have it!
Why some banks say no and some say yes.
Non-banks lenders. Where do they fit in and how are they regulated (or are they safe to use)?
Property expert Steve Goodey knows better than anyone, it’s always a good time to invest in property. Steve’s been through many property cycles and he’s faced many challenges along the way. Steve’s one of NZ’s top property experts because when times got tough he pushed back and kept going until he got a YES. On this webinar you’ll find out exactly how Steve and his clients are investing right now.
Learn which strategies to use to stay safe and profit in today’s market.
How to create a positive cashflow portfolio…Hint: The Property Staircase
Why you don’t wait until it’s easier….Hint: That’s what everyone is doing.
Expertise – when things look a little harder but you still want to do it, go find some expert help.
Register for this webinar now – so you’re not left wondering: What if?

Steve Goodey

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