Property Masters May 2016 – eBook Offer

Autumn has arrived and we’re now into the third month of 2016.  How’s your property investing going?  Have you downloaded our 2016 ebook yet? Not only has this ebook got valuable tips and information on property deals done by our property investor clients throughout 2015 (including a couple of deals that were finalised in the last couple of months of the year), it also has a great deal on the upcoming Property Masters event.

That’s right it’s that time again when we let you know why you need to book your seats for Property Masters.  2016 is going to be a very interesting year for property investors.  Our property experts are working closely with our clients and they say great property investment deals are being done right now irrespective of market conditions.

Certainly times are changing and property investors need to work smarter  to get the yield they require from their property investments.  What you may not know is many of our Property Masters clients hold onto their properties as rentals rather than sell them.

Our mentors know when properties will work well as high yielding rentals and they pass on that knowledge on.   Acquiring good yielding properties particularly in Auckland is tough task, so over the coming weeks, we will introduce you to deals our clients have done recently to build up their rental property portfolios.



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