Property Masters Young Gun Elliot Jones

ElliotAge is no barrier for Elliot Jones.  At just 24 years of age, Elliot has been a stand out performer on Sean Wood’s mentoring program this year.  Elliot went to the Property Masters in October 2014 and during the past nine months he has worked tirelessly on his property deals, creating profit from properties he personally found and properties his peers turned away!

In this video Elliot is at a property he has just settled on.  The renovations are well underway and a tidy profit imminent.  This is just one of many property deals Elliot has on the go right now and he expects to make at least $60K on it.  With 12 property deals done this year so far it’s hard not to be impressed by the success of Elliot.

Elliot has created $800K+ for his property investing business so far this year!

Book now to meet Elliot at the Property Masters event.


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