Property or Share Market?

The NZ Share Market has been doing well for the past couple of years according to an article on NZHerald – in fact it mentioned it’s up 112 percent since 3 March 2009.

New Zealand’s ‘rockstar’ economy suggests we may have another couple of years of share market gains to come too – from balanced share portfolios.  But I wonder would you bet your house on it?  If you’re a property investor – absolutely not!

Not only do we want to protect our principle investment it makes sense to get your money to work as hard as it can.  The trick is to enable this to happen without the risk.  Property has proven over time to be a safer investment  – and it is therefore the asset class we favour.

Sean Wood of PropertyTutors confirms the interest in property investing is growing and it’s not just the classic ‘buy and hold’ strategy that’s grabbing the attention of new investors.

PropertyTutors mentoring program is in high demand and for most people (budding mentoring clients) it all starts with the one day event = The Masters.    This day really is an eye opener for many people as it presents what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.  Just like  Sean Wood who has grown a sizeable property portfolio and mentoring business without the star pupil status or academic record.

Essentially the borders to entry for property investment are wide enough for most of us to get our foot through the door.  And if we really want it we can achieve more.

Over the last few years there has been a push to get New Zealanders investing in other assets.  The recent changes to Home Loan lending rules imposed by the RBNZ may have been the nail in the coffin anywhere else but not in New Zealand!

Property ownership is in our DNA  hence the increasing interest in property investment and mentors like Property Tutors Sean Wood and Steve Goodey.

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