Remember Daryll & Jen? We’ve finally go Daryll on video!

Remember Daryll and Jen?  Well we’ve finally got Daryll on video. Daryll and Jen have been in the Property Masters mentoring program for six years.   They are resounding proof PropertyTutors’ 6 figure property investing blueprint is proven to work in different market conditions.

Daryll and Jen’s success is documented here: “Property Investor Success With Mentoring“. To date they have completed 70+ profitable property deals and in this video Daryll is at property he has recently completed. Would you be happy with $140K+ equity and 6% yield – in Auckland?

PropertyTutors’ 6 figure property investing blueprint can get to work for you straightaway too and here’s the proof. Lauren attended Property Masters in May 15 and in this video with Sean, Lauren discusses how she managed to purchase four properties in four months. Most remarkable was all properties were purchased under the market value. Find out how you too can do profitable property deals.

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