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View the videos below and see for yourself how beneficial expert guidance in property investment can be. Hear how PropertyTutors clients have been able to turn over impressive profits. Sign up to one of our events today and you too could find yourself becoming a success story!

Wellington Investor Hot Spots Webinar

  Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors Wellington takes us through the investor hot spot locations of the Wellington region.  Where to invest to get cash flow versus capital gain and why Wellington is the place to invest in property.   Steve’s clients do profitable property deals in Wellington using the 6 figure property investing blueprint and you […]

Dave Cremer

PropertyTutors The Masters mentoring client testimonial.  


PropertyTutors The Masters mentoring client testimonial.

Thanks to PropertyTutors

In 5 months Gary went from being a dabbler in property investment to establishing a strong property portfolio. Gary applied the Property Tutor formula and used their database of contacts to help him make a better return on his investments.

Why Jason Recommends PropertyTutors

Jason and his partner Catherine spent 6 months learning how to successfully invest in property from PropertyTutors. By taking the advice of the Tutors mentors, using the tools and strategies they were taught, they now have two investment properties and are looking to extend their portfolio.

Ready For Action

As a new property investor Roger loved the Property Tutors course he recently attended. He praised both the course content and the quality of the speakers.

Sean Wood On Property Investment

Sean Wood recommends attending the Masters Course and gives tips and advice on how to make investing in property in South Auckland bring more money into your family’s pockets.

"The property tutoring programme has absolutely accelerated my confidence, great deal results — and my goals. The networking you do is enormously helpful, not only to increase your learning, but I couldn't have done it without the help of Grant & the team"

Jacqui Hale

"The tutoring programme is the logical next step from books and seminars.. Gives confidence to make the right decisions to be successful and more importantly NOT make the same mistakes that many have before.

Not bad for a bearish property market!"

Mark Davidson

"I'm currently renovating a property 3 hours from home. Being particular I'm loath to hire cheap labour and risk compromising the finish, however last weekend I finally took the bold step of finally letting go.. I hired help and we completed double what I would normally do in a day. The real benefit was that it freed my Sunday, which I used to deal with an unexpected problem that arose in my other business. The time I spent on this brought in 4 times the money the hired help cost, so really taught me the value of letting go"

- D.P.

Proven Profits – We publish our Client Results

Our clients are achieving excellent results and we regularly publish examples of this. To view a list of deals exceeding 110 Million Dollars in the past 18 months, click here. We are chuffed with the results that we help our client achieve and would love to help you experience the same success.