The Masters Sept/Oct 2013 – Book Now

Take a look at what Sean Wood and Steve Goody of PropertyTutors Limited will teach you at the property Masters event:

  • How new investors can build a solid 6 figure property portfolio in the next 3 years
  • Our step by step action plans that our clients will be implementing over the next 5 years to build wealth in this property investing environment.
  • How to use the GST rules to your advantage.  Make no mistake avoiding or not knowing what to do regarding these new rules could see you out of pocket to the tune of thousands of $$$.
  • The property clock where is it at right now!  How to prepare your portfolio for any sudden increase or decrease depending on your knowledge of what the property clock is going to do next.

 >>>>click here for more information on The Masters event.

Many thanks for a great seminar! I really enjoyed it.  Greatly appreciated the tremendous effort you guys went to.  Very much enjoying the book.



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