Tutor – Steve

Tutor - Steve

tutor steve
Based in Wellington New Zealand, Steven serves several thousand clients with total property interests of many hundreds of millions of dollars.

Steve is PropertyTutors’ Head Coach and he has been a full time property investor since 1999. At one time during his career Steve completed a property renovation every nine days!

He invests in large scale residential and small to medium commercial investments as well as being involved in many residential apartment developments.

More recently Steve has been involved in developing methods of controlling large amounts of property with little or no deposits.

When Steve speaks about property investment in New Zealand people listen, such as the New Zealand Property investment magazine, The Herald, Sunday Star Times, Dominion Post and Christchurch Press as well as appearing on Campbell Live and TV2 news.

If you’re looking to take on some lucrative do-ups, invest in cash flow properties and expand into exciting strategies Steve is the man to help you.

Steve is a master negotiator and one of New Zealand’s predominant property investment speakers.

He love’s working with new property investors right through to experienced traders and developers to grow their portfolios and their wealth.