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Steve Goodey

Mr Property

Multi Million Dollar Property Developer, Renovations and Room by Room Specialist, public Speaker and Educator. Based in Wellington New Zealand, Steven serves several thousand clients with total property interests of many hundreds of millions of dollars. Steve has been a fulltime property investor since 1999 and has at one time completed a property renovation every nine days. He invests in large scale residential and small to medium commercial investments as well as being involved in many residential apartment developments. More recently Steve has been involved in developing methods of controlling large amounts of property with little or no deposits. When Steve speaks about property investment in New Zealand people listen, such as the New Zealand Property investment magazine, The Herald, Sunday Star Times, Dominion Post and Christchurch Press as well as appearing on Campbell Live and TV2 news. If you’re looking to take on some lucrative do-ups, invest in cash flow properties and expand into exciting strategies Steve is the man to help you. Steve is a master negotiator and one of New Zealand’s predominant property investment speakers. He loves working with new property investors right through to experienced traders and developers to grow their portfolios and their wealth


Phil Thompson

General Manager Change brings new opportunities and we’re certainly looking forward to working with Phil who brings a diverse business background including corporate management, business ownership in the form of a successful market-leading training company, and strong experience in residential real estate as one of New Zealand’s top agents for the Ray White group. Phil says: “I am really looking forward to the new challenge of being General Manager for PropertyTutors Ltd with personnel and operations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. “The PropertyTutors team has done an inspiring job of creating a successful, dynamic and innovative market-leading company which has consistently delivered value and results to their clients. “I’m excited to be able to continue and further grow the momentum that they already have and to be implementing the awesome new initiatives included in the future business plan. “This company is the clear leader in the property investment industry. We see it is as an on-going responsibility to lead from the front, with initiatives which help New Zealanders improve their financial position through property, and that is exactly what we plan to keep doing.”


Joy Thomson

Property Investor, Developer, Business Entrepreneur and Author, Joy lives on the beautiful Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand. She is passionate about real estate investing and her experience in the field has spanned many property cycles and economic challenges, through which she has gained valuable insights and expertise. Since her first building project in 1985, she has completed a multitude of ‘spec’ houses, Design and Builds, property trades and ‘trade-ins’, renovations and residential developments. She has also designed and developed motel complexes and small commercial blocks, along with subdivisions. After an extended break from real estate to concentrate on raising her family, she now focuses on up market CBD Room by Room rentals, building multiple income properties, and trading strategies. A high quality, well balanced property portfolio has given her the freedom to travel the world extensively with her family and she chooses to give back through many philanthropic endeavours and by empowering people to secure their own financial freedom. Joy loves to work with people who have a positive attitude and are looking for clarity, focus and guidance to achieve their dream lifestyle.