web summary

Design and SEO focus

Property Tutors is based in Newmarket, Auckland. The new website was launched on the 7th of August 2014 with a cleaner, more modern design and a complete search engine marketing overhaul. The web re-design was managed by Clickthrough, a full service Auckland webdesign agency.

About the platform

The new website was built onto WordPress, a best-in-class open source Content Management System used by over 50 million people around the world. WordPress offers what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) production functionality that enables the Property Tutors team to update its own content with ease.

About the design

The new website is designed to be mobile and device Responsive to cater for New Zealanders browsing the web on their mobile devices. This means that the size of the website adapts to the size of the browsers screen size. Most websites in New Zealand receive circa 20% of their visits from mobile devices. Visits from mobile devices tend to surge during promotional periods (e.g. television and radio advertising driving people to the website) and when browsers are making local searches from their devices, using search terms such as ‘property course Auckland’ or ‘Auckland property seminars’.

The new website has also been optimised to load quickly. This provides a better user experience. Website download speeds are also a key search engine ranking factor. The new website also provides one click access to Property Tutors social media platforms (Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook).

About the Search Engine Marketing

Most website redesigns lose, rather than gain, search engine rankings due to SEO not being considered during the pre-design phase of the web project. is optimised to follow establish SEO best practise guidelines. Over one hundred search engine optimisation elements were infused into the website design and its content information architecture before development was started. This ensures the design and content layout won’t need to be adjusted once the new site is live.

About the reporting

A new Google Analytics management reporting system was installed and established when the new site went live. Google Analytics will be used to track the performance of the website to its web goals. Google Webmaster Tools was also setup to track key SEO indicators of the new website.