Wellington’s Investor Hot Spots Webinar 28 Oct


You’ll want to be on this Webinar. Steve Goodey reveals all you need to know to invest in property in Wellington! Most of the information shared on this webinar is not readily available elsewhere.

Topics covered on this WebinarWednesday 28 October @ 7.30 pm NZT:

Wellington’s Hot Spots for Cash Flow and Capital Gain
Where to find cash flow properties in Wellington
On this webinar we reveal our top cash flow areas of Wellington. Which areas are in demand and what an investor needs to look out for when investing in the high cashflow areas of Wellington. This information is not readily available anywhere else and will be shared only on this webinar.

Capital Gain Area Hot Spots
Push Auckland aside, Wellington has hot spot areas that consistently provide healthy capital gains. Plus the Government’s $10 billion infrastructure spend is all the confidence investors need. Watch this space – Wellington’s property values are set to take off and the profitable property deals our clients are doing right now suggest Wellington is full of opportunity for investors.

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The Spotlight Is On Wellington Versus Lower Hutt
Why we like to compare these two areas of Wellington
There is a local saying “you can take the man out of the Hutt but you can not take the Hutt out of the man”. It may be true – and there’s little doubt the Hutt has a lasting positive impact on property investors. On this webinar we will let you know why it’s a property investor gem. Plus we will put Lower Hutt and Wellington Central under the spotlight – letting you know what property investors can gain from both areas.

Why Invest In Wellington’s Property Market?
Wellington’s $10 Billion Infrastructure Spend Up
New motorways and an extension to the Wellington International Airport can only mean one thing – Wellington is gearing up for growth. New businesses will set up in Wellington, hire staff, and the population will grow. On this webinar we provide our thoughts on the future of Wellington and how this $10 billion infrastructure spend may open up more key investor hot spots.

Steve will also answer questions on the Wellington property market.

Seats are limited so book your place right now.

Sean Wood & Steve Goodey

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