Why Is Evelyn Smiling?

Evelyn knows a good property deal when she’s sees one – and it thanks to PropertyTutors mentor, Sean Wood and the Property Masters mentoring program.  Evelyn went to the Property Masters one day event in 2014 and immediately signed on with Sean Wood.  Evelyn had an interest in property investment but had no personal experience when she attended  the Property Masters one day event.

I have seen my parent and families invest their properties as a way to increase their income, retirement home or inherit to the next generation.”

Evelyn was on a steep learning curve in her first year of mentoring with Sean Wood.  What amazed her was she could invest in learning how to make money from property and actually make a profit at the same time!  Do other training courses reward in this way?  It’s no wonder Evelyn is smiling.


Watch this video – Evelyn’s latest property deal

Do you want to learn how to do profitable property deals?  Then book now for Property Masters – May 2016.  More information on Property Masters.



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